father's Day Sunday Service

At Good Shepherd Baptist Church

Sunday June 16th 10:00 AM

all activities are free!!!

your chance to Honor dad

Amazing Message from Pastor paul

Fun Gift for all the Men

family Photo Booth

Great time for the whole Family

Special surprise in the kids ministry

Bring your whole family and friends

a breif HISTORY OF Father's DAY

Why do we celebrate Father's Day?

The inspiration for a day dedicated to dads goes back to the early 1900s. After a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd's mother died during childbirth, she and her siblings were raised by her father, a Civil War veteran named William Smart.

To express her gratitude for all her father did for her, Dodd initiated a day designated to "instill the same love and reverence for the father as is the mother's portion," Dodd wrote about the day in a 1910 newspaper article.

At her urging, the very first Father's Day was celebrated on June 19 that same year. It's no coincidence Father's Day is celebrated in June, since Dodd chose the date based on the month of her father's birthday.

The history of Father's Day

Getty ImagesWhile Dodd organized the first Father's Day more than a century ago, decades passed before it became an official holiday.

However, word of the recognition spread and before long, Father's Day was celebrated across the U.S. with the rose becoming its emblem. Wearing a colored rose represented a living father and a white rose was symbolic of a father who had passed on.

Over the years, various presidents like Calvin Coolidge and Lyndon B. Johnson commemorated the day, but it wasn’t until President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation in 1972 that Father's Day became an official holiday on the calendar.

Join us for
Father's Day Sunday Service
June 16th 10:00 AM

June 16th 10:00 AM


Sundays @ 10:00 AM


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Test Drive a Sermon

Perpetual Revival

Perpetual revival is where we are experiencing the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit daily, where we are always drawing near to Jesus. He is saying that our actions only lead to revival because of His power. We're not meant to achieve perpetual revival alone. We are meant to remain in Jesus and let Him do the work in us. 

Aware of the Chair

In this message we will learn that each of us is seated in a different chair at the table and that we need to be "Aware of the Chairs" at the table. We will discuss the 4 chairs at the table. 1st Chair - Seekers, 2nd Chair - New Christ Followers, 3rd Chair - Growing Christ Followers,  4th Chair - Room For More. I believe it will be a powerful message that will challenge us to become aware of the chair we are in and how we may progress to the next chair. 

Look in the Mirror

In this week's message titled "Look In The Mirror" we will learn about how we are to look at ourselves first. Instead of trying to get others to change and fulfill us, we should look to God for our fulfillment in all areas of our life. God's desire is for us to change and leave the changing of others to God. I believe it will be a great sermon series and message that will challenge us in whatever relationship we might be currently in. 

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