Welcome to the
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
spring 2024 Yard Sale!!!

When you arrive to set up;
  • Be sure to check in with Gail!
  • get your spot and/or table while supplies last!
  • Tape your receipt to your table!
  • Grab a cup of coffee!
  • Get a donut while they last!

<--- THIS IS GAIL!!!

Be sure to;
  • See what others are selling
  • Introduce yourself
  • Make new friends
  • Reunite with friends you met the last time

Don't forget to grab
a Drink
Relax a bit
and Enjoy the day!!!

Most of all

This is the day
that the lord has made!

What Treasures
will you find?

This yard sale is
Rain or shine

Don't forget to check
inside for more

Don't forget
that you will
also be building

Make them good ones

Make them Last

Invite your family

Invite your Neighbors

Invite Your Friends

To Buy or Sell

Don't forget your hat!!!

There will be plenty of bargins!

Don't load up the car too much!

Save some room
for something new!!

Dress comfortably!

Check the weather
the night before

But cool or cloudy,
be ready for the sun

You never know
what or who
you will find
at the
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
spring Yard Sale

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