Sharing Christ Is Like Riding A Bike

Sharing Christ Is Like Riding A Bike
Posted on Feb 10, 2016 in Devotions
Author:  Shiela Bernardo

Try to recall the very first time you’ve embarked on a personal goal as a child, to maintain balance on your bicycle after the training wheels were taken out. How many times have you fallen and scratched your knees or elbows, as though they were battle wounds?

The moment you gain the confidence that you remain upright, you just keep pedaling faster and faster to keep the momentum going. It was exhilarating to realize that you’re moving at a good, steady speed. You glance at the person supporting the tail of your bike seat from a fixed point, and they can’t help but smile at your newfound victory. At the same exact moment though, somehow doubt or anxiety can also creep in. And your mixed emotions shake you up a little bit. But when you do fall, you’ve only amplified this incredible will power to go at it again until you perfect the skill.
Sharing Christ to others is exactly like that. The very first time that you do it, you could admit that you probably don’t know what you’re doing. You either fumble over in choosing the right words to say, or oppositely, you zoom through a thousand thoughts per second to let out the rush. How liberating it is to share God’s saving love, with no holds barred! You can just keep going and going, stacking up words of encouragement and gratitude. Every encounter is a chance to kick it up in high gear. You certainly get better at it when you have enough practice.
When you have your bike, you never give up until you can ride it freely, feeling the wind on your face. And when you have Christ in your heart, you should never give up until you win some for Him. Give it a go, and then it will become second nature.

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