Free Will

In this season of Christmas, I find myself thinking of the many gifts with which God has blessed us. Of course, the ultimate gift of His Son, Jesus, comes to mind first, but there are many other gifts we are given, both as a community and on a more individual and personal nature.

Of the communal gifts, I often find myself struggling with is the gift of free will. That is to say; I wonder how an all-knowing God can grant us free will when He being all knowing, would have foreknowledge of the choices we will make.
I use to think that in knowing the choices we would make, and the results and effects of these choices, God would then orchestrate us, His children, as if we were pieces of a grand jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle that once complete would picture his ultimate will. For I have no doubt that His Will will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
This “idea” use to work for me until I realized that He was not just “building” something but there was also a “destination” aspect as well. Also, when our free will does not align with His Will, we separate ourselves from Him.

You see, I was deep in thought one day while enjoying the scenery of a long road trip. The radio was off, and it was just me and the Lord taking in the Glory of his creation. My only interruption was my GPS reassuring me, that I was still on track to my destination.
Suddenly, I heard a rather disgruntled, computerized voice say “recalculating route!!!”  It occurred to me then that when we are aligned with God’s will, our “free will” allows us to make choices that bring honor and glory to God. These choices bring us closer to Him and bring His plan closer to completion. However, when our heart is not aligned with His will, and our free will allows us to make choices that do not bring honor and glory to Him, can’t you just hear the Father say “recalculating route”?
When we are aligned with God’s will, our “free will” allows us to make choices that bring honor and glory to God.
Ultimately, His Will will be done. Our free will really boils down to a simple decision between following our own will, or His. Which path are you taking? Is it time to recalculate your route?

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