Mommy Lessons

Mommy Lessons
Posted on Sep 11, 2016 in Devotions
By: Ria Lucindo
mother and son holding hands
I told myself I will write a non-mommy related article this week. Surely, God is teaching me in other areas of my life too. But this past week, I am consistently learning something valuable and so memorable that I cannot make myself write anything else. So, here it goes.

Last week, my oldest son went to kindergarten for the first time.  It was pretty monumental for him and the rest of the family (A.K.A. me). We have all the information from his school about how to get a kindergartner ready and he confidently was. The morning went smoothly. He hugged and said goodbye to everyone. He went to his bus stop with his little backpack, all ready to face the world. He, then, suddenly decided to walk back to our front porch where I was standing. And with a big hug he said, “Mommy, I’m really gonna miss you.”  I held back my tears, obviously and said “I’ll miss you too and I’m sure you’re going to have a great first day in school!” I watched him run back excitedly to his bus stop. When he got home later that day, he told me he missed me so much in school but that he didn’t cry. He added “I didn’t know school was gonna be that awesome! ”  
Time is really a commodity. It is very valuable and we always seem to not have enough of it. Now, the time I spend with my 5 year old is only a fraction of what it used to be. This past week really made me ask myself if I have gotten him ready for this big step. I’m not just talking about ABCs and 123s, or even manners and independence skills. I pray that the valuable time entrusted to me is properly invested in His words and His ways. It is easy to lose focus and fill our schedule with stimulating and educational activities, which in itself, is not bad at all. But God is teaching me this week to always set my priorities right. And that means asking if an endeavor will get us where we need to go spiritually as a family. After all, the essence of our being is to give glory to our creator and as parents, God has entrusted us to lead this little people to Him.

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