Let’s Talk About L0V3 (Part 4/4)

Final Thoughts

A compelling question that had struck me is, "you're so fixated in your resume of the perfect husband? But, are you the perfect wife?" *screams*
Being content in the singleness allows me to focus on this question. More important than checking the boxes on the resume of my perfect husband is making a list of the kind of person that I need to be in order to be ready to serve in this relationship. If I'm not mature enough, not in the right place, financial status, etc. then I'm thee red flag! There had been times when I repeatedly have to tell myself, "E, you ain't ready to pursue a relationship right now!"

2020 was the perfect time for me to work on.. me. A "silly" thing on the resume I have for myself is to be able to cook tasty food. I had previously written "I'll always wash the dishes," to "make edible food." Now, it is "to cook tasty food." I really want to please my future boyfriend/ husband, so I must give him no less than that 110% effort he deserves from me. This was also the time I seriously reflected about relationships. What could I offer my future man? More importantly, how could I show this world of the beauty that God intended for these kind of relationships to be? God commands husbands to love their wives and humbly lead them. I'd be honored submit to my man as long as he has the Holy Spirit in him. It would be another opportunity to show the world how joyful it is to follow godly leadership! Together with self-control, those in romantic relationships are to love within the boundaries God placed. My soul's desire in my future boyfriend is that we'll never have to compromise sex before marriage. The temptations are so real, especially now that the worldly view is more open and tolerant!
How do I deal with the fear of being single?

These are real moments that I have quite often in my late 20s. "What if no one is able to love me?" This question is already a lie and can be combat with the truth that I am already deeply, deeply loved by God.

We can feel lonely but are never alone. Your feelings and your heart is your biggest deceiver. A romantic relationship shouldn't be the sole thing that fills our hearts with love. My best friends and my family already fill me. We need to first be content knowing that we are already loved so perfectly by the one person Who can do so - and that's Jesus.

God loves us through the people He surrounds us with too. The Bible tells you what love is because it's inspired by the One who is Love! Love is not just a feeling, it's a truth, an attitude that is expressed in action.

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