Lifestyle of Worship

 Lifestyle of Worship
Posted on Feb 26, 2017 in Devotions
by:  Elder Mike Agreen
As an Elder of GSBC, I have the privilege and honor to oversee our praise team, One Desire. A few months back, I arrived a few minutes late as they were finishing up a devotional session. They graciously asked me to join in as they continued their discussion. 
The topic they were addressing at the time was properly preparing themselves for worship each Sunday morning prior to leaving their individual homes for the church building. It was suggested to use the drive in as a time of prayer and reflection prior to our worship service. They had identified a problem of not always being in the proper frame of mind, especially as they lead the congregation in worship each Sunday.
I am very proud of the members of our praise team and even more impressed at how seriously they take what they do in leading worship and giving praise to Our God and King. However, something just did not seem right to me in what they were saying and how they were addressing the problem.
You see, they felt that to do the very best they could do for Our Savior, who deserves nothing less than our very best; they needed to be more “intentional” in preparing for “worship” and being in the correct frame of mind. It occurred to me that “the problem” was not that they needed to prepare for worship, or get in the proper frame of mind, what they really needed to do was identify and deal with what was taking them out of the proper frame of mind to begin with.

 He is not just God and Lord of our lives only on Sundays, but always, at all times.

I started to explain to them that “worship” is not something we do only on Sunday. We are His creation, created to Praise and Worship him, at all times and in all places. In the same way that He is not just God and Lord of our lives only on Sundays, but always, at all times, now and forever! He never ceases to provide and care for His children. He continues to sustain all of his creation. He is God, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Once we come to a complete understanding and realization of how His existence in our lives transcends even the concept of time, we begin to realize that He alone, deserves all of our Praise and Worship at all times, and He deserves it without end. 
Of course, our worship time is a special and set apart event and worthy of proper and due preparation. However, as I tried to explain, it is not so much a matter of preparing to start worshiping, but more a matter of never ceasing to worship! His Love and Mercy endures forever, so to must our Praise and Worship. We should truly be striving to make this our life and the reason for all we do. For He alone is Our God and King, all we do should show He is our One Desire!

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