Posted on Apr 15, 2016 in Devotions
Author:  Shiela Bernardo
Have you ever had unwavering confidence that something you deeply hope for would come to pass, even if there is no quantifiable trace in your current affairs that it’s remotely possible? This is the perfect time to exercise faith.
Faith is something that you and I do not see; yet it is coined as a substance and evidence in Hebrews 11:1 (KJV). Both terms suggest real physical matter of which a thing consists of and has a tangible, solid presence. So faith is an expression of your thoughts that take shape in your heart and in your mind, and then manifests concretely in your life. To believe in God is to have faith. You can’t touch Him, but those who cultivate an intimate relationship with Him can assure you of how real God is in their midst.

Faith also moves you to action that meaningfully changes your situation. Recognize that faith without works is dead. So take a big leap of faith, boldly believing that God has provided you with the wisdom, ability and all the tools that you need to do good in school, to get a better job, to be successful in that business venture, to turnaround your finances, to meet the perfect mate, to regain optimal health, to make an impact in your community, and to do everything else you are believing for.

But when your current situation completely contradicts what is etched in your heart, decide to consciously train yourself to live by faith and not by sight. It’s invigorating to think freely and creatively of the process to overcome obstacles with the kind of faith that can move mountains. Never stop praying, hoping and believing because nothing is impossible with God.

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