Ask & Receive
Posted on Jun 4, 2016 in Devotions
 Author:  Shiela Bernardo
Ask & ReceiveA big lesson for our family this week is to ask AND receive. These come in pair. Do not waver in believing that you’re surrounded by God’s favor. He will give you what is most fitting for you in the measure of your faith. He does not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear when you need something. And if you think the likelihood is pale, still, ask anyway.
My husband applied for a job and we’ve been passionately praying to get favorable outcome for it. This form of blessing will surely help us in meeting our financial commitments. We waited patiently to hear back about the decision. And when that day came, it was offered to him. But it was merely a lateral move with no change in our income. It was not what we had expected, and had to make our peace with it that not all opportunities are worth taking. We were perplexed because all direction shown to us led up to this road.

Defeat is deceptive with a keen sense of cunning. We had a lot of people say “no” to us this week. “No, you will not get any increase in salary”. “No, your chances of getting pregnant again are zero”.  In one ear, out the other. It didn’t feel like a dead end. Not in even close, because there was a spring of possibilities flowing through our minds, hearts and spirits in unison. And we have a big God in our corner who assures us that all things are possible. We do not make other people’s opinion of us our reality.

This verse was simmering internally: “Yet ye have not, because ye ask not.” – James 4:2b. My husband put out his own terms and requested to roll it back up to the decision maker. We felt compelled to ask explicitly what we wanted out of this. And it was exciting to hear back the good news that we got exactly what we had asked for! Ask AND receive. Yes indeed, these come in pair.

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