Let’s Talk About L0V3 (Part 2/4)

How Do You Wait?

Going back to loving someone in a romantic way, right, how do/ will you show that you love this person?
I am so single lol so I can only speak on what I have been doing now - which is waiting for that future boyfriend [eventually future husband]. To clear up the meaning of waiting - waiting doesn't equal being idle. Waiting for the right person looks like bettering the relationship now by working on myself. When you're bettering yourself, you're bettering 50% of the relationship already! Working on yourself and allowing God to grow you as well looks like loving yourself. We hear that expression of "love yourself." If I don't enjoy my own company, then how in the world will anyone enjoy me?! In addition, I need to be confident in who I am, know my worth, hold strong to my identity (which is the identity that Christ gives me - that I have Him dwelling IN me), the goals I want to pursue, etc.

I'm 26 years old and each year I am reminded that success is when opportunity meets preparation. Imagine: what if the right person comes around and you're the one not prepared? The relationship won't work even if you force it. It'll be so difficult, distracting, and even pressuring to seek self-validation in someone else. Everyone's felt that heartwarming feeling when that person tells you that you make their life happier or that they love you. It's truly great and it may be true. However, know your value first in the One who loved you enough to breathe life into you.

Another thing I do while waiting for my future husband, and people may find this hella corny, but.. I pray for that future person. I pray for my future husband almost every 11:11, and if I miss that time specifically, no big deal, I'll remember to pray for him at some point in the day lol. That's how important that man is to me now. Some of my prayers sound like this, "God, if my future husband is sleeping right now, please let him get to that REM sleep cycle." Or, if he's awake, I'll pray that he has the most productive day and will feel good about it. This is my future husband; we're going to be praying together for the rest of our lives, so why not start praying for him now? Waiting truly is trusting God that He is readying the both of you so that it'll be in His perfect timing when you two decide to pursue each other.

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