Still Learning, Always Learning

Still Learning, Always Learning - By Erika Gabrielle Mendoza

It’s been a while since I wrote specifically for the #GSBCDE blog, namely because of the feeling of inadequacy. There have been 5 rough drafts, some “done” but never emailed back to get published. This one you’re about to read, is a completely new one – one that I’ll be following-through to completion.

If you know me, I am the kind of competitive person who constantly compares herself to her peers and even mentors. The problem with comparing oneself to others results in dissatisfaction and distraction. I am a scatter-brained individual with a lot of thoughts, who writes just how she thinks. Every time I would work on a piece, I would ask myself, “Is this how Ate* Shiela would frame her thoughts?” Ate Shiela is the previous lead writer of the GSBCDE blog. Confident and wise, Ate Shiela knew exactly how she wanted her knowledge to be conveyed. My dissatisfaction with my own writing, on the other hand, eventually led to just hiding my writing. I have been asked many times ``So when will you put up the next blog?” I finally called my Ate Shiela about this situation. As the godly woman she is, she guided me in how to think with grace for myself and of course, provided me the tools on how to frame my thoughts.

Comparison steals our attention of following-through with work that is intended to give God glory. Ate Shiela reminded me that my work is not only to be pleasing to myself, but ultimately to God and His people, who I am sharing the work with. Her words also reminded me of one of my life verses: Hebrews 12:1. “Therefore, since we also have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let’s rid ourselves of every obstacle and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let’s run with endurance the race that is set before us…” As I am writing this piece, I am sitting with a godly friend, who also encourages me and is making sure that I complete my work before we leave this café.

Ate Shiela took the time to discuss, empathize with me, but also to validate these feelings I had that were crippling me from producing excellent work. She expressed that I am still learning and will always be learning as I grow in my writing. Keeping knowledge just stored in our brains is a sin. We should be brave enough to seek and follow guidance from the wise people God has placed in our lives. Ate Shiela recommended that I read “Building A Story Brand” by Donald Miller, and I just finished it. The “SB7 Framework” that Miller explains in his book has helped me organize my thoughts to flow better; thus, allowing me to write to you now.

As I write this piece, I feel more liberated from the bondage of inadequacy. I sought the resources needed to help me write my message. The wise friends I have in my life addressed my situation and discussed the consequences of following-through or being stagnant. Alas, completing this story is merely done because I am putting to action the things I have learned.
Note *Ate in Tagalog means older sister.
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