From Fear To Faith

From Fear To Faith
Posted on Aug 14, 2016 in Devotions
By: Shiela Bernardo
God is the Maker of all things and by that very nature, He also makes all things new.  God opens up doors that weren’t there before.  Often, we retreat to the thought of the unknown.  We go back to our own little comfort zones.  If you’ve been where you’re at with no evident progress, reconsider if maybe you’ve stunted your growth in resisting change.  

Behold, I am doing a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert. – Isaiah 43:19 (ESV)
There is no unknown to a God who sees everything.  So when you ever feel like you are stepping into unfamiliar territory with the decisions you have to make that will directly impact your future, the only security that can appease the soul is to lock arms with God. If you are walking with Him, then He will light up every step in your path.  So be courageous in the decisions that you make.  Think big and bold and open yourself up to the work that He wants to do in your life. He desires to use you in making a difference in this world, only if You let Him.  

Just the past week, an opportunity sprouted up for me out of nowhere. But I immediately recognized that it was as a result of all the prayers I’ve lifted up asking to improve our current state of affairs.  It fits like a glove and it’s undeniable it was God’s hand re-arranging the chess pieces of our lives.  

If I look at the short-term only up to the point that I understand, then it doesn’t stretch out far enough for me to be able to rely on what I see.  And it’s scary to cross a bridge that may be a dead-end.  But that is fear talking.  And the antidote to fear is faith.  God is writing up our story from faith to faith and is taking us up to new heights. I am fully surrendering to the One who always finishes what He starts.  

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