A Divine Nudge

A Divine Nudge
Posted on Jun 19, 2016 in Devotions
Author: Krystle Ramos
friends-fingersOne of the ways that God shows His presence to me is through those that He surrounds me with. I am so thankful for them but before I go further I have to admit that I have the tendency to be very independent in my thoughts and actions. That even goes as far as leaving God out of the equation sometimes. I plan and plan and take action. Then the time comes and it’s a painful feeling when I look around and realize that I never brought it before God. This can apply to anything and everything because everything should be brought before Him. He provides us direction and clarity. All we need to do is ask. Why rely on ourselves with our limited knowledge and power when we have God, all powerful and all knowing?  

It sounds simple and easy right? But when we allow selfishness, lust, anger, pride, or foolishness take over us, it clouds our judgement. It separates us from God.    

But we have God’s promises that He will never leave us or forsake us, even when we separate ourselves from Him. The gospel is truly alive! What’s awesome is that God has provided those around me to be there and help open my eyes or turn my view when I needed it the most. He has used others to give me strength and in turn allowed me to do the same. This has happened recently in times where I didn’t know what next step I should take or when I felt discouraged. I felt God speak to me through these people and was reminded that we are provided with all that we need when we trust and obey Him.

What an awesome way to show the same love that He shows us, is to share it with others. Sometimes I have to remind myself to go before God, sometimes I have to be reminded by others. Either way, to keep the focus and trust on Him will always bring the best results.

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