What Does Christmas Look Like To You?

What Does Christmas Look Like To You?
Posted on Dec 25, 2016 in Devotions
By: Shiela Bernardocenter-wreath
The festive, colorful bright lights. The soothing ambience of the cool breeze of air
We take off on vacation and plan our travels
The yearning of the heart to connect and bond with family
The smiles of children, their excitement and gratitude for the gifts that they open
To relax and listen to the crackling of firewood
The scent of hot cocoa, of peppermint, and of the delightful fragrance of cooking
Admiring the decorated Christmas tree
Hearing the harmonious blend of voices singing carols that brings holiday cheer
They’re all surely heartwarming and puts you in the holiday spirit
Still none compares to the beauty You bring
A spectacular demonstration of Your love
When you sent a precious gift, wrapped up in cloth, lying in a manger
Realize what truly matters…
JESUS – a humble unassuming sight
We too are called to a humble spirit
A depiction of our lowly selves stripped off all the outwardly façade
To look into ourselves and examine our broken heart
What is its true content and desperate longing?
Each one of us need something permanent, not temporary.
Without all the lights and glitters
It comes down to a scene just between you and God
Do you know what this season calls you to do?
It is to welcome the King and Savior of the world into your heart
Look at your heart… Does Jesus reside in it?
Who is Jesus to you?
Jesus holds eternity in His hands.
He has you in mind from the creation of the world.
He loves you so much with an unmatched kind of love.
He wipes the tears from your eyes.
He makes all things new.
He appeases your soul.
He has chosen you, and you are holy, dearly loved.
He knows the depth of your longing and He is the only One who could fill you.
He is your helper in a very real time of need.
He took the blow and fully absorbed the consequence of your sins.
He is the One, the only One, who can save you.
Christmas is all about Jesus… but He came into the world for you.

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